When existing solutions and structures don’t work, and there’s no other known way of achieving required outcomes, then JCG are known for lateral and innovative thinking to achieve the desired solution.

Examples of JCG’s innovative achievements include:

  • Developed Innovative Business Planning methodology (based on refereed research)
  • Developed Shareholder Metrics Concept and Methodology (based on refereed research)
  • Developed Innovative Knowledge Management Model. A powerful system that
    • Can easily identify the quantified decision-making capability of all nominated staff members
    • Identifies which part of the organisation represents the greatest risk and vulnerability to individuals’ tacit knowledge
    • Identifies quantified corporate risk as a result of an organisation’s lack of documented mission-critical know-how
  • Designed, developed and implemented Collaborative Networking Concept that has now been in operation for 20+ years
  • Founders of the VisionCircle Movement (A no-cost philanthropic assistance community)
  • Founder of the Owner Accreditation Concept (A methodology to make listed companies publicly accountable to their shareholders want.)