Corporate Effectiveness

JCG and its Associates have worked with hundreds of clients. Examples of some of our projects include:

Client wanted: Quasi government organisation required a market strategy to deliver core corporate objectives. Value Added: Delivered innovative market strategy that aligned its $5 billion business activity to legislation-based charter. Strategy adopted.

Client wanted: To claw-back 15% of its field-force non-value-added time by converting it to value added time. Value Added: Achieved 40%.

Client wanted: Government organisation required rigorous strategic planning system. Value Added: Delivered unique system that was easy to implement, easy to understand, and which applied a rigorous method of analysis to all organisational activity. System implemented which resulted in significant realignment of organisation activity. Has been in operation for 25+ years.

Client wanted: Minister of Emergency Services required quick, fair, legal solution to a very public brawl within one of its departments between senior management, the Board and the Ministry. Value Added: Conducted inquiry that resulted in report to Cabinet. Recommendations adopted by Government, Opposition and Media. Problem resolved beyond expectations of Ministry.

Client wanted: Ministry of Justice required independent view on core issues that required attention in State's Prison System. Value Added: 150 recommendations submitted including radical organisational change strategy to implement recommendations that would eliminate profound cultural and historical barriers. Change strategy adopted.

Client wanted: Project Management of Goods and Services Tax implementation for a division of one of Australia’s largest retailers. Value Added: Completed on time on budget with full untroubled implementation as scheduled.

Client wanted: Minister required review of management’s plan to restructure major government organisation. Value Added: Reviewed plan and identified flaws and provided alternate plan that was successfully implemented in full.

Client wanted: Radiology partnership unable to undertake management decisions in an effective manner. Value Added: Develop solution strategy. Surfaced all partner needs and identified dysfunction. Formed strategy to resolve dysfunctions - problem solved.

Client wanted: Government required privatisation strategy for major retail activity. Value Added: Strategy developed and adopted by Government.

Client wanted: Government wanted privatisation strategy to manage service business with vexatious contractors in a manner that would satisfy all stakeholders. Value Added: Strategy developed and adopted by Government.

Client wanted: Government wanted to a solution to the problem of archiving of digital records with accessibility guaranteed for 100 years. Value Added: World-first solution developed and adopted by government.

Client wanted: Largest Telecommunications Consultants in the country required facilitation of a take-over negotiation. Value Added: Successfully completed - take-over completed. Performance now exceeds projections.

Client wanted: Shareholders wanted major review of entire operation (largest company of its type in world) with a view to radical improvement. Value Added: Completed major review and involved 70 major improvement recommendations from small process improvements to radical re-engineering of core processes. Client adopted recommendations.

Client wanted: Major review of an Australian division of one of the world's largest computer companies. Sought $20 million in savings. Value Added: Delivered $40 million in savings.

Client wanted: Major players in industry required new industry representative body to represent their interests. Value Added: Developed core strategy that has been adopted by the entire industry.

Client wanted: Appointed by Government as marketing expert in major tender evaluation panel. Value Added: Provided commercial analysis whose thoroughness was used as example to all other evaluation teams.