About Us

JCG is a boutique specialist strategic and performance optimisation advisory firm.

It was established in 1997 in Melbourne, Australia and now services Australian and global clients through its commercial and professional relationships and its access to superb technical experts.

Its markets include public, private and government clients; for profit and not for profit organisations; trading and professional businesses; large and small; start-ups and multi-nationals.


There are two types of strategic advice: the advice that comes from those from within the area that is being advised, and advice from those from outside the area being advised.

The former suffers from being too close to the problem (otherwise wouldn’t the problems be solved?) while the latter, bring solutions from a range of contexts and industries that can be successfully applied to the area under review. JCG is the latter – that is, we have worked in virtually all industries bringing innovative, relevant and successful perspectives to deliver client requirements.

About Dr. Jacoby

Dr Jack Jacoby is the Executive Chairman of Jacoby Consulting Group Pty Ltd and brings a deep and broad experience-base across most industries.

He is a creative strategist and works wonders in the areas of strategy, corporate and organisational trouble-shooting, market planning, performance improvement, shareholder value, knowledge management, corporate visioning, organisational structure, facilitation, change management, problem resolution, project/program management and business mentor.

Before establishing the Jacoby Consulting Group in 1997, Dr Jacoby was a director in Ernst & Young's Management Consulting practice for over five years.

His qualifications include a Doctorate of Business Administration (in organisational accountability to shareholders and shareholder metrics and their implications on business planning); a Master of Business Administration ; Bachelor of Arts (Sociology and Economics).

Dr Jacoby is also a trained mediator , was a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) with the Institute of Management Consultants in Australia; and is or has been a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, Fellow of the Australian Society of Senior Executives; Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management; Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute; Member of the Australian Market Research Society;   Committee Member of the Victorian Dispute Resolution Association, and a Member of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Dr Jacoby has taught:

  • Strategic Management in the Masters of Management course at the Australian Institute of Management, a joint venture with the Norwegian School of Management BI Executive School (Bedriftsokonomisk Institutt).
  • Corporate Strategy at Post Graduate level in both Melbourne and Hong Kong for RMIT University
  • Market Research , Consumer Behaviour and International Marketing at Victoria University of Technology and at the Swinburne University of Technology
  • Corporate and Strategic Planning for the Institute of Company Directors in their Director Certification course.

Dr Jacoby was an Adjunct Professor with the RMIT Graduate School of Business and Law (2009 – 2015).

He was General Manager and CEO of a 500 staff, 465-bed health facility from the age of 26. Since then he has gained exceptional experience in management and organisational performance through his consulting activity for hundreds of corporations and organisations.

Dr Jacoby has become a sought-after Public Speaker on a wide range of topics developed as a result of a diverse and exciting career of innovation, creativity, diversity and achievement. Dr Jacoby is passionate about most things he does and captivates his audiences, whether they be professionals, clients, students or those enthralled by his visionary social and personal improvement strategies.

His professional career has been marked by some exceptional achievements with a  client list of hundreds of notable corporations and organisations. His professional and consulting achievements are exceptional. He is equally comfortable taking a brief from a Minister as he is in interviewing hardened prisoners in executing a brief. As a strategist, he is just as comfortable in primary industries as he is in the high- technology sector. He is just as comfortable talking to a Board and the CEO as he is talking to the phone operator or production line worker. He is just as comfortable working in the for-profit sector as he is in the not-for-profit sector. An exceptionally versatile and effective professional.

  • His Doctoral thesis took a creative look at the relationship between managers and directors, and the shareholders for whom they claim to work. His research-based conclusions confronted the establishment and his recommendations have been published and adopted by scores of corporations and organisations.
  • Some of the profound innovative concepts developed by Dr Jack Jacoby include:
  • Co-Founder of the CEO Mentoring global organisation
  • Founder of the VisionCircle Movement
  • Founder of the Collaborative Network Philosophy
  • Founder of the Owner Accreditation Concept
  • Innovator of the KPO-based Knowledge Management Concept
  • Innovator of the Knowledge-In-Confidence Mentoring Service

Dr Jacoby is an author of 7 books.

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