We’re not what you think. We’re not a top tier consulting house because we choose not to be.

We’re not merely a boutique consulting house because we have a global footprint.

Jacoby Consulting Group (JCG) is a bespoke corporate advisory firm, established in 1997. JCG tackles the hard problems that others have failed to solve. We work with the top two tiers of government, large listed corporations, small and large private corporations, organisations of every description, NFPs, start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures.

We are successful because we focus on the client’s need and apply our extensive experience, skills and broader talents to give them what they want. We are honest, direct and forthright. If we believe you’ve got issues, then we’ll tell you – regardless of the reason we are working with you. If we think you’re wrong in your approach – then we’ll also tell you – even if it’s not something you want to hear – and even if it costs us our relationship. Incidentally, we have never lost a client because of our honesty.

Our reputation is based on a number of specific skills, talents and our client-focussed culture. These include:

  • A deep strategic capability built around a unique method of thinking about the organisation and its ambitions.
  • A talent for understanding the business and solving its most difficult problems – we’re known as corporate “trouble shooters” – justifiably.
  • We are as innovative and lateral thinking as we are strategic as we are practical and pragmatic. Combine those attributes and you have a very powerful talent for getting a better result.
  • We focus on shareholders in for-profit organisations; members in NFPs; and the legislated charter in government.
  • Knowledge Management, Managing Change, Transforming Organisations, are also within our talents.

Our attitude to our clients is well known – sincerity, honesty, forthrightness, ethical behaviour, going above and beyond; and the primacy we hold for our clients’ well-being.

We are supported by a global network of over 100 very experienced mentors and subject matter experts on over 300 themes and expert areas.

Talk to us about your issues. We’ll tell you if we’re not the right people for you, and if not, we probably know who the right people are. If you wish to know more, or have a private discussion about your requirements, please contact us.


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