What is a Vision Circle?

A VisionCircle is a group of up to 25 people who work in turn toward the fulfilment of each other's personal vision.

Criteria for entry into a VisionCircle:

  • Have read all information about the VisionCircle;

  • Be able to demonstrate an understanding of, and willingness to to abide by the philosophy, principles and core values of the VisionCircle Movement;

  • Be willing to spawn their own VisionCircle at an appropriate time according to principles and guidelines;

  • Always respect, abide by, and uphold the laws of the country in which they are situated;

  • Not be charged a fee or be forced to sign any agreement or contract for membership in a VisionCircle;

  • Ensure that only goodwill, mutual respect, trust and tolerance of differences guide one's relationship with fellow members.

What is the VisionCircle Movement?

The VisionCircle Movement is the groundswell of understanding and support of many people around the world who participate in at least one VisionCircle and practice VisionCircle principles.

The coordination and promotion of the VisionCircle is formally undertaken by the VisionCircle Foundation, represented around the world, but based in Melbourne Australia.

VisionCircle International is the legally registered operating company of the VisionCircle Foundation.

The VisionCircle Collegiate is the organisational and administrative part of the VisionCircle Foundation that focuses on improving society and the general well being of people around the world.

What drives the VisionCircle?

Initially VisionCircle members are driven by either personal growth or fulfilment (i.e. self-interest), or by the satisfaction of helping others.

Ultimately one is motivated by the ability to harness enormous power of goodwill to change the lives of others around the globe for the better.

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