How to run a VisionCircle Selection

The following is a typical selection process. The only changes that can be made relate to time, which need to suit the needs of members. Daytime sessions are entirely acceptable.

The VisionCircle meets on a scheduled meeting day at 3.00 p.m. sharp in the afternoon. They conduct around-the-table updates of member activity until 5.30.

At 5.30 members who wish to be considered for selection at that session, will verbally and in writing present a short statement of their milestones/vision for which they request assistance from the VisionCircle. It is advisable to have circulated a few weeks before the meeting a synopsis of their personal vision and invite discussion and feedback.

Time allocated to each presentation should be 60 minutes divided by the number of candidates. These presentations will conclude at 6.30 p.m. sharp. Only members present may be considered for selection.

At 6.30 p.m. the meeting will adjourn for a rest, socialisation, leg stretch, walk around the block, etc. During this period members will consider the presentations and determine for whom they will vote. During this period, only personal reflection should be undertaken with no discussion of candidates, politicking or lobbying of members.

Ballot papers will be circulated at 6.30 and all members must vote and return their ballots to the Chairman by 7.30 p.m.

Members select a member to assist the Chairperson as scrutineer.

Voting is absolutely secret.

No proxies permitted or accepted.

The vote is binding on all members.

The ballot papers are to be destroyed after the vote is declared.

Dinner commences at 7.30 p.m. sharp.

The Chairperson announces the winning member as early as possible after the count with a Circle toast to the selected member.

No vote numbers are announced. The choice will be considered as unanimously supported by all members.

Members should not discuss the ballot once announced - the outcome being magnanimously accepted as the will of the group by everyone. Once a member has been selected, he/she presents a more detailed 5-10 minute discussion of his/her vision and milestones.

Members should ask detailed questions of the selected member about his/her vision and milestones so that they can determine how they can help and what they should/could/would do (one task per day for 7 weeks). This activity takes the balance of the evening. Members should take notes.

One member is asked to volunteer to work with the selected member as their coordinator for the duration of their seven-week selection. Their role is to provide guidance, support and encouragement to the selected member and to liaise with other members about their own task commitments. The role of coordinator is critical.

Coordinators change with each new selection.

Within 48 hours of the selection, each member should notify the selected member (through the coordinator) as to what he/she will do to assist and how he or she will stay in communication. This should be a list of 49 actions/tasks (1 task x 7 days x 7 weeks).

It is the coordinator's responsibility to coordinate (not instruct) members and to ensure that no two members are conflicting (eg attempting to approach the same contact or organise the same event). The selected member must not attempt to force helping members to do anything, yet the selected member must be able and prepared to do what has been coordinated for them: eg make a phone call, attend meeting, etc.

Recording your achievements

Registered VisionCircles are expected to record the Chronicle of their VisionCircle selections and forward the Chronicle to the VisionCircle Foundation who will publish them.

A standard Chronicle format and registered Chronicles are available on the VisionCircle web site.

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