Registering your VisionCircle

Although anyone can start a VisionCircle without difficulty, since the VisionCircle provides the materials that help them do this, there are a number of advantages in registering the VisionCircle with the VisionCircle Foundation.

These advantages include:

  • Updated guidelines and materials that make the VissionCircle more effective;
  • Automatic eligibility of graduated members of registered VisionCircle's into the VisionCircle Collegiate;
  • Automatic invitation for graduated members to the VisionCircle Congress held once every three years somewhere in the world;
  • Alumni newsletter;
  • Ability to use the VisionCircle pins, badges, logo and other identifying paraphernalia;
  • Unrestricted access to VisionCircle member web site;
  • Eligibility of graduated members to nominate for voluntary positions in the VisionCircle Collegiate and the VisionCircle Congress coordinating team;
  • Access to, and use of world-wide member help desk;
  • Subject to availability, visits from and discussions with founding VisionCircle members and where possible, from Dr Jack Jacoby - the VisionCircle founder.

Obligations of registration

Once registered, a VisionCircle is obliged to do the following:

  • Run their VisionCircles along the guidelines established and disseminated by the VisionCircle Foundation;
  • Advise the VisionCircle Foundation of all graduated members;
  • Chronicle completed visions and forward to the Foundation;
  • Advise the VisionCircle Foundation of new VisionCircle members or of their departure.

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