Initiator's Kit


The VisionCircle concept is a simple one that does not take long to understand. But understanding the concept does not mean that one understands what needs to be done or how to "make it happen".

This guide is designed to help those people wishing to commence a VisionCircle, and once established, to then develop a rhythm and momentum that is enduring.

An Initiator is the person whose idea it is to start a VisionCircle, and who takes it upon himself or herself to orchestrate at least the first meeting.

The objectives of this guide are to:

  • Provide Initiators with a "how to" guide to start a VisionCircle
  • Help Initiators plan and run the first and subsequent VisionCircle meetings
  • Provide guidelines on how to develop a personal vision
  • Explain how to secure help and guidance from the VisionCircle Foundation
  • Explain how to register the VisionCircle with the VisionCircle Foundation
  • Provide the forms that will assist the Initiator and VisionCircle members operate their VisionCircles and liaise with the VisionCircle Foundation.

Although the VisionCircle concept is simple, the mechanics are a little more involved. It takes time and a certain understanding to appreciate the reason why certain things are done in certain ways.

The founding VisionCircle (VC1) in the VisionCircle Movement, has explored the processes recommended by the concept's Founder and have found that they work and have a strong logic behind them.

This, and other VisionCircle manuals, offers Circle members a guide to run their VisionCircles according to the structures and processes established by the Movement's founder.

The VisionCircle Foundation acknowledges that it cannot stop anyone from forming their own "VisionCircle" and running it anyway they want. Placing the VisionCircle guidelines on the Web suggest that we encourage people to take up the concept, but at the same time, we provide the material that will enable them to have the greatest probability of success. The fact that we do this is no guarantee that the Vision Circle Foundation guidelines will be adhered to.

The VisionCircle Foundation has no vested interest in the VisionCircles other than seeing them succeed. The systems, procedures and guidelines provided here are those endorsed by the VisionCircle Foundation and are known to work. People who vary the guidelines are less likely to achieve success.

Accordingly, VisionCircles are encouraged to register with the Foundation in order to ensure they obtain the latest communications, tools, guidelines and experiences of members, among other benefits.

The VisionCircle Foundation therefore offers its full support to those VisionCircles registered with it but will not offer support to those VisionCircles who do not commit to following the accepted and supported processes.


Download a PDF version of the Initiator's Kit

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