How Does a VisionCircle work?

The VisionCircle® is about members of a specifically formed group being focused on helping a single member achieve their vision for a limited period of seven weeks.

This period of seven weeks is the period between the VisionCircle's 2-monthly meetings plus one week for rest and reflection.

For these seven weeks, each member of the VisionCircle® will commit to do one task per day, however minor, (seven days per week) for a selected individual who has been chosen by the group.

Only the helping member chooses how he/she will help the selectee - it is entirely their decision however the selectee and/or the coordinator may make suggestions as to where the greatest assistance is needed.

The reason that members will make the effort is because 'what goes around comes around'. "I will work to help a VisionCircle® member to achieve his/her personal vision and happiness, because I know that when it is my turn, he/she will help me to achieve mine."

At each two-monthly meeting, members will select, by secret ballot, the next person who will be honoured to have everyone's thoughts and efforts focused on their happiness and fulfilment.

No person can be chosen twice until all members have been chosen once or until a member formally 'passes-in' his/her right to selection. At a person's second selection, they will be helped to "finish" the job started the first time, or if fulfilled the first time, helped to their next level of aspiration. And so it will go on. With 30 members in the Circle, 1,470 tasks will be completed over the seven-week period. The value of this assistance in monetary terms is invaluable.

What are Members expected to do?


  • Accept humbly the honour bestowed upon them by the VisionCircle®;
  • Cooperate with all helping members to make their donation of time and effort as painless to the helping member and as effective as possible;
  • Respect the referrals provided to them for their benefit, and never do anything that will compromise or jeopardise the status of the referring member in the eyes of any other party;
  • When it is their turn to help, it is expected that they must reciprocate the efforts made on their behalf;
  • Members whose seven weeks have elapsed will write a Chronicle of activities and achievements and present them as the first item on the agenda by the second bi-monthly VisionCircle® meeting after their selection.
  • It is the expectation that Members who have been selected and whose focus period has concluded will become more active in helping other members fulfil their visions.
  • Graduated members are expected to commence a new VisionCircle® within six months of their selection and for which they are the mentors.

Helping Members

  • Undertake one task every day to help the selected member;
  • Keep in touch with the selectee and Coordinator so that the selectee is aware of what's happening;
  • Helping tasks are chosen entirely at the discretion of the helper and may include: sending an E-mail, sending a letter, arranging a meeting, reviewing a document, conducting a meeting, having a discussion on the phone, participating in a meeting, making a relevant observation, cutting out a relevant newspaper article, referring a useful web page, etc.
  • The helping member should never put the selectee in an "impossible, embarrassing or invidious position". The selectee's self respect must be protected. The helping member must remember, "What goes around, comes around". When it is his/her turn to be selected, why should the current selectee put in any more effort than the current helping member is putting in?
  • There is no objection to helping members devoting or blocking out a certain time for their assistance and undertaking more than one task at that time. As an example, a helping member may decide that every Tuesday at 3.00 pm, he/she will do 7 VisionCircle® tasks for the week and no tasks at other times during the week (due to travel, work commitments, family, etc). This is quite acceptable but remember that the selectee has to serve you (in their own interest) and may struggle to keep up with 7 tasks times 30 members if they all decide on Tuesday at 3.00 p.m. to fulfil their obligations. Blocking of time and tasks is a way that helping members can deal with travel, workshops, and other distracting commitments.

Who will be chosen?

Members vote using exclusively the following criteria:

  • Which candidate's vision or milestones, if fulfilled, would contribute most to the candidate, the VisionCircle® and other members? By using this criterion alone, the VisionCircle® ensures that only the most noble of visions will be supported by the power of the VisionCircle®, and that all effort exerted will help both the candidate and the VisionCircle®. The more members that are helped, the stronger the VisionCircle® becomes.
  • A candidate who states that his/her vision, for example, is to become a multi-millionaire will need to justify to other members why they should contribute such an effort for that member alone. A candidate whose vision is consistent with the well being of the VisionCircle® and all other members should be selected over a candidate whose vision aids or benefits no one else apart from the selectee alone.
  • We are not trying to send the message that there is anything wrong with becoming a multi-millionaire, but that we will make a supreme effort for fellow members if that effort also has other benefits - back into the VisionCircle® and for other members. Therefore, members who help a candidate to fulfil are also helping themselves.
  • Normal member needs (emergencies, opportunities, etc) are unaffected by this structure and will be dealt with simultaneously with it.

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