Core Value Statement

The VisionCircle philosophy revolves around the following core principles and values:

  • Achievement of personal fulfilment by helping other people achieve theirs;
  • Involvement and membership of the VisionCircle and any of its activities or bodies assumes acceptance and respect of the equality of all people irrespective of their religion, culture, socio-economic background, age, gender, sexual preference, education or political persuasion;
  • The VisionCircle concept is about furthering individual and social wellbeing and engendering harmony between people. It is never to be used as a vehicle for political, sectarian or religious causes to the detriment of others;
  • The firm belief in the principle that 'what goes around, comes around';
  • The firm belief that the power of many focused on specific issues or challenges can make a bigger difference than many people working independently;
  • Members of every VisionCircle will always respect, abide by, and uphold the laws of the country in which they are situated;
  • No fee may be charged for membership in a VisionCircle nor contract or agreement for membership to be signed. Membership is always based on goodwill, mutual respect, trust and tolerance;
  • Any member may leave the VisionCircle at any time for any reason with no barrier or hindrance provided by other VisionCircle members or the VisionCircle organisation.

The Do's and Don'ts of the VisionCircle

  • Be tolerant of the character and background of fellow members;
  • Commit to the well being of fellow members;
  • Help members develop their own visions through constructive and supportive comments and activities;
  • Be honest and open, yet sensitive to the feelings and sensitivities of others;
  • Help members where ever you are able;
  • Be open to new members from different backgrounds, religions, socio-economic levels, etc;
  • Talk about the VisionCircle concept to non-members;
  • Don't judge someone else's vision from your value system;
  • Don't ever put down someone else's dream;
  • Commit to a member, not necessarily to their vision.

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